About JJ Mahoney's

We are a relaxed bar, with friendly staff,
great food and drinks.

John James Mahoney

John James Mahoney was born in 1874 in Cork County Ireland.

He left Ireland on March 27, 1893 from Queenstown on the S.S. Pavonia in search of opportunity in the "New World". After 7 days at sea, he arrived in Boston on April 3, 1893. He had nothing more than the shirt on his back and a small bag of personal items.

In the fall of 1896 he joined the US Marine Corps and served for 38 years fighting in the Spanish American War and World War 1. He obtained his official citizenship in 1910 just before meeting his wife-to-be, Lillian Schutte. John & Lillian married in 1915. They had 6 children before his passing in 1951, at the age of 77. His youngest daughter, Maureen, married, has 4 children, one of whom is owner of this pub.

John J. Mahoney was a classic Irishman sharing his culture and heritage with his children and grandchildren. This pub has been opened in his honor.